To the boy who lit my soul on fire and promptly tore it to pieces.

To the boy who lit my soul on fire,

You showed me what it was like in the love stories. You gave me a light that I had no idea existed at the end of the tunnel. I freely handed you my future, my hopes and my dreams. I told you exactly what I wanted in a family–my boy and girl in a cabin among the hills. You listened intently, agreed on our future, gave me hope that I had found The One.

To the boy who lit my soul on fire and promptly tore it to pieces,

You showed me what it was like in the love stories, where the protagonist falls in love with the wrong person. Where she gives her everything to the boy who breaks her heart, her trust, her very soul. Where the protagonist hits rock bottom and forgets the light at the end of the tunnel.

To this very boy,

Thank you for showing me how strong I can and will be. Thank you for pushing me over the edge and forcing me to catch myself. Thank you for showing me that I have so many people in my life that love me, care for me, and want to give me the light from their own souls, when you couldn’t. This, right here, is me letting go of you, letting my soul smolder and grow bright again on it’s own. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the chance to do just that.


Tactics and Strategies for Kase’s Candies

  1. In 3 months, Kase’s Candies gain 200 followers on Instagram.
    1. Engage more on Instagram
      1. Have people use the #KasesCandies to find our page
      2. Post photo’s of birthday parties and events
      3. Hashtag popular tags such as #love or #photooftheday
      4. Create coupons for loyal followers
  2. Kase’s Candies to triple its amount of followers on Twitter in two months. 
    1. Tweet more consistently each day
      1. Offer more relatable tweets to our followers involving our candies
      2. Interact with those who mention us
      3. Bring in related links about Sarris or old-fashioned candy
      4. Create a poster showing the hashtag #KasesCandies and of the followers who have hashtagged us on both Instagram and Twitter the most frequently.
  3. Our likes and follows on Facebook to grow by 40% in 4 months.
    1. Interact and post more
      1. Comment on our reviews, thanking them for their support and advice
      2. Post contests that will have them win candies or coupons in the store
      3. Create a hashtag to bring in more ways to find our page
      4. Post our Facebook posts onto other media sites to spread awareness of our Facebook page

Week One of Social Media Business Plan


Kase’s Candies needs a new social media plan. Why? Well, here’s the main answer to that question: they don’t have one.

As they are a new business (brand new, actually) and only a week old, they have little interaction with the social media world. I have actually been running their sites and working on this has given me insight; however, they still need a new business plan. I will be able to work on the outreach to more potential customers and followers.

Currently, I am working on our Twitter and Instagram portions of social media. I have been asking questions to our small amount of followers, how they enjoy the store, what their favorite candies are, any suggestions to new candies we can bring in. I do a lot of posting on Twitter with questions. On Instagram, I post pictures of employees’ or owners’ favorite candies and try to get my audience involved by asking what they prefer.

So far, I run Twitter and Instagram while Paige or Mike run Facebook. On all of these outlets, we only have a few followers and likes. We don’t yet have a huge following as, again, we have only been open little more than a week.

Three Objectives:

  1. In 3 months, I want to gain 200 followers on Instagram.
  2. I want our Twitter to triple its amount of followers in two months.
  3. I want our likes and follows on Facebook to raise by 70% in 4 months.

Blog Headlines & Twitter Tweets

Entertainment: Kristen Stuart heartbroken over Rob Pattinson two years later.

Twitter: Kristen Stewart still stone cold over Rob Pattinson? #ColdLove

Blog: We know what you are, Kristen: cold, hard and heartbroken.

Hard News: Restaurant Report Card Grades on Antibiotics in Meat Supply

Twitter: Not only can your employees get F’s on their report cards, but your fast-food restaurants can, too. 

Blog: What is that in our Mickey D’s?


Well, here are my #livelovemov posts:  

Which I definitely just posted…

And then here are my tons of random hashtag posts:  

The last one was actually the first one I posted & I had just begun to delve into hashtag usage. If you want to see the actual posts, they’re still on my Insta! 🙂

What are Trolls? defines a troll as, “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.” As seen on We Are Legion, trolls don’t only post, but can send countless pizzas and blow up websites – without blinking an eye. Trolls are ruthless and the best thing is that they do it for fun. They find another’s anger and frustration completely fascinating and hilarious. 

I’ve know a few trolls. Ones who don’t only troll the Internet or social media sites, but also their close friends in real life. Real life trolls are the most fun. Who wouldn’t love debating and angering each other, and still laughing in the end? I find no shame in trolling – though I never have online and probably won’t. 

My only worry is perhaps some go too far and replace trolling with cyber bullying. There’s a fine line and some cross it all too readily. Whatever the distinction may be, trolls normally know when too much is too much. 


The best way to define privacy on the Internet is: there’s no such thing. I feel that no matter how you try to privatize your accounts or become anonymous, there’s no way to completely become your own sector. Why? Look at all they did in Anonymous; attempting to stay anonymous didn’t work. They found the people who blew up websites and prosecuted them. If you Google hard enough, you can find anything that’s been set to “private.” Keep whatever you want private to yourself, don’t share it on the Internet, if you don’t want it to be shared.